We are the manaufacturer of Best Quality Himalayan Yak Chews. 

All Natural Lama dog chews are healthy alternatives to rawhide and other plastic chews. They are completely edible, natural and very nutritious

Lama dog chews are made in our FDA registered facility in nepal. Unlike other chews on market, we do not resell chews collected from all over the village. As a small co-op of farmers run operation we collect milk from the same area farmers whom we personally know. This allows us to precisely monitor the chew making process and maintain strict quality control.

In case of any problems arises on our chews, every batch we make are traceable.

Our dog chews are produced in small batches. We do not take any short cuts. Chews are perfectly dried and cleaned before packing. as a result you will not see any mold on our dog chews. We care about the health of your dogs.

You see, our chews are made with Himalayan yak milk. No cow milk is used in our chews. These yaks roam and graze freely on mountain regions of nepal, which are free of major pollutions.
Why give your pets unsafe rawhides or chew toys made with plastics and nylons that offer no nutritional value when you can give them natural chew made with 3 simple ingredients yak milk, lime juice and tiny bit if salt.

Give it a try. Your dog is going to love it – We Guarantee it.

Lama Dog Chews being smoke dried.